Sample Drops of NaOH Sample 1 Drops of NaOH Sample 2 5 breath 52

Sample drops of naoh sample 1 drops of naoh sample 2

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Sample Drops of NaOH (Sample 1) Drops of NaOH (Sample 2) Control 17 24 5-breath 52 40 10-breath 68 74 There is a McGraw-Hill Connect Virtual Lab that explores a similar theme measuring the amount of cellular respiration occurring in a living thing. In the lab described above, cellular respiration is monitored via (indirect) measurement of one of the products (carbon dioxide). However, in the virtual lab, cellular respiration is instead monitored via use of one of the reactants in this process oxygen! In the virtual lab, you will compare oxygen use by active and inactive soybeans. The amount of oxygen consumed (and being used during cellular respiration) is directly related to the activity level of the organism. Please complete the McGraw-Hill Virtual Lab (Cellular Respiration Measuring Energy Production in Plants) in Connect, as directed by your instructor.
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