Module 4 magnetic methods unit1 theory concept and

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Module 4 Magnetic methods Unit1: Theory, concept and instruments Unit 2: Magnetic Survey Unit 3 Magnetic Data Processing Unit 4: Qualitative Interpretation of Magnetic data Unit 5: Quantitative interpretation of magnetic data You should be able to exhaust about 2 units within a week in order to work ahead of time. Each unit contains subtopics related to the main topic of the unit in question as shown above. As main headings, each unit includes; introduction, objectives, subtopics,
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- 9 - reading materials, self-assessment exercises, conclusion, summary, Tutor marked assignment and references and other resources. Assessments There are three main aspects for the assessments of the course. (a) Self-assessment exercise: This is done by yourself on yourself to access your progress and give directions for improvement in subsequent studies. (b) Tutor marked assignment: This serves as a recapitulation on your understanding of the unit which will concretise your understanding in a convincing way to the facilitator in charge. (c) Written Examination: This comes up once at the end of the course for the purpose of quantification of your comprehension the whole course at a sitting. You are strongly advised to attempt all the assessments. The works you submit to the facilitator will count 30% marks and the end of course examination will stand for 70% marks of the total score for the course You are advised to always submit the tutor marked assignment to the facilitator as scheduled. It must be noted that evidences of independent readings outside the written course materials given attract much marks from the facilitator in the submitted assignments.
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