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Bordeaux 4 the main difference at first between the

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Bordeaux 4 The main difference at first between the lawyers responses and Everett’s responses towards these new individuals in their lives, is that the lawyer tried to justify Bartleby’s behavior and make excuses for his actions, or lack their there of. No matter how many times Bartleby would frustrate the lawyer or refuse his request, the lawyer kept offering his assistance. From the very beginning, Everett was never a huge fan of Super Goat Man. He saw him as a wannabe superhero, and could never understand why so many others were obsessed with him, especially his father. Everett did not try and reason with Super Goat Man like the lawyer did, instead he revealed him for the lousy superhero that he saw him as. The lawyer was constantly annoyed with Bartleby, though he still found him to be very good at his job and trusted him completely to finish his copying tasks. Everett on the other hand, did not think that Super Goat Man was good at being a superhero. Everett takes the only heroic thing Super Goat Man had done and turned it into a joke. As each short story progresses and eventually comes to and end, both Bartleby and Super Goat Man start to decline and slowly deteriorate. Again the lawyer and Everett are placed in the similar situations, where they are both faced with non-talking and fragile individuals. Yet, their responses are completely different. When Bartleby is finally taken away from the office, put into jail, and out of the lawyer’s life, the lawyer goes back to him and continues to take care of him. For example, the lawyer pays the cook to make sure that Bartleby receives the best food. The lawyer got what he wanted, which was for him to be gone, and yet still cannot seem to let go of him. His constant planning of ways to remove Bartleby from his life led the lawyer to feel sympathetic and oddly connected to him. He finds himself thinking, “ I tore myself from him whom I had so longed to be
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Bordeaux 5 rid off” (Melville 346). Bartleby eventually ends up dying, and regardless of how annoyed the lawyer was of him, this event forever impacted his life. For he will always be wondering why Bartleby was the way he was. He was not left with a clear answer and he will most likely continue to question who Bartleby actually was. Everett deals with Super Goat Mans weakening rather differently. He views Super Goat Mans feebleness and inability to talk or walk as a prime time to release all his built up frustration. As much as Everett did not want Super Goat Man present in his life, he still could not back down or fight the temptation to confront him one last time. Instead, he let his pride over power him and risked destroying his career and potentially marriage
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Bordeaux 4 The main difference at first between the lawyers...

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