How each gas affects the atmosphere in a different

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How each gas affects the atmosphere in a different way. A Cooler Climate. Learn About the Damaging Effects of Global Warming on Animals and Plants. . This site discusses the effect global warming has on not only our planet but our plants and animals. The site fears that by 2050 1/3 of all species will be extinct. They also discuss how the animal’s food chain is slowly changing because animals are slowly dying off and becoming a weaker species. This site would be useful to me. It would give me a different angle to work with and a different side of the story that people don’t hear very often. This site also gives very good backed up statistics and very good facts that could also back up my paper very well. . Our Future Planet. 2012.
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Hirsch This talks about the different type of gasses. The gasses that are man-made and the gasses that aren’t and how it destroys the atmosphere. It also discusses the how greenhouse gasses are really affecting us. It talks about different solutions that we have to try and restore our ozone layer, and how to increase earth’s capacity to absorb and store carbon. This internet site is very useful. Not only is it a good read but it is also extremely informative. If I were to do a paper over global warming this would be one of the top sources I would use to help me find out new information. Meadows, Novi. Global Warming. . 2002. This site is gives general ideas on what global warming is. It talks about fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses. It also mentions ice glaciers and how the earth is being affected. It doesn’t give me much information that the other sites wouldn’t have given me already but it does me a different view on some things and talks about different situations in a more realistic type of manor. I would use this site to back up my feelings on global warming. This site would help me add more to my paper and would help me get a more in deft feel about the situation.
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How each gas affects the atmosphere in a different way A...

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