1 my relatives client who was serving a life sentence

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16. 1. My relative’s client, who was serving a life sentence for murder, escaped and murdered someone else. 2. It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money to try this man [or others like him] again. 3. Murderers should be executed. [The death penalty should be restored.] 4. We are the most crime-ridden society in the world. 5. Someone is murdered every 27 minutes in the U.S. 6. There is a rape every 10 minutes. 7. There is an armed robbery every 82 seconds. 8. According to the FBI, there are 870,000 violent crimes a year, and the number is increasing. 9. Only 10 percent of those arrested are found guilty. 10. A large percentage of those found guilty are released on probation. 11. There aren’t enough prisons to house the guilty. 12. The death penalty would create more room in prisons. 13. The death penalty would reduce the number of murders. 14. If a robber knew before he shot someone that if he’s caught his own life will be taken, [he wouldn’t do it or would be less likely to do it]. 15. [Murderers] deserve to die. 16. [Murderers] sacrificed their right to live when they murdered someone. We see the last claim in the passage as polemical window dressing. Also, we’re not sure whether claim 11 is supposed to support claim 9 as well as 10. IM – 2 | 18
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▲17. 1. In regard to your editorial, “Crime bill wastes billions,” let me set you straight. [Your position is mistaken.] 2. Your paper opposes mandatory life sentences for criminals convicted of three violent crimes, and you whine about how criminals’ rights might be violated. 3. Yet you also want to infringe on a citizen’s rights to keep and bear arms. 4. You say you oppose life sentences for three-time losers because judges couldn’t show any leniency toward the criminals no matter how trivial the crime. 5. What is your definition of trivial, busting an innocent child’s skull with a hammer? ▲18. 1. Freedom means choice. 2. This is a truth antiporn activists always forget when they argue for censorship. 3. In their fervor to impose their morality, groups like Enough Is Enough cite extreme examples of pornography, such as child porn, suggesting that they are available in video stores. 4. This is not the way it is. 5. Most of this material portrays not actions such as this but consensual sex between adults. 6. The logic used by Enough Is Enough is that, if something can somehow hurt someone, it must be banned. 7. They don’t apply this logic to more harmful substances such as alcohol or tobacco. 8. Women and children are more adversely affected by drunken driving and secondhand smoke than by pornography. 9. Few Americans would want to ban alcohol or tobacco even though these substances kill hundreds of thousands of people each year. 10. [Unstated conclusion] Enough Is Enough is inconsistent. 11. [Unstated conclusion] Enough Is Enough’s antiporn position is incorrect. IM – 2 | 19
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1 My relatives client who was serving a life sentence for...

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