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A a dirty hand towel 34 with what symbolic

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a. a dirty hand towel 34. With what symbolic observation does the play end? a. “we call it- knot it” 35. According to Mr. Hale, when asked who killed her husband Mrs. Wright said a. I don’t know 36. Mrs. Peters is the wife of: a. the sheriff 37. On what does Mrs. Hale blame Mrs. Wright’s state of mind? a. loneliness 38. Why does Mrs. Peters empathize with Mrs. Wright? a. she knows what stillness is 39. Where is Trifles set? a. in the Wright’s kitchen 40. Why did Mr. Hale stop at the Wright’s house the previous morning? a. to discuss sharing a party telephone 41. What has happened to Mr. Wright? a. He was strangled 42. Where is Mrs. Wright while her house is being searched? a. in the county jail 43. How does the doctor who comes for Blanche towards the end of Streetcar change in his demeanor? a. he goes from clinical to gentlemanly 44. What object(s) in Streetcar represent Blanche’s protective use of illusion? a. the paper lantern 45. What does Stanley do which finally puts Blanche over the edge? a. rapes her
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46. Why does Blanche lose her job? a. she sleeps with a student 47. How did Blanche lose Belle Reve? a. paying for funerals 48. What highly symbolic song is Blanche singing in the bathtub while Stanley is telling Stella what he’s learned from the trading salesman? a. paper moon 49. What kind of sound signals the highest moments of tension in Streetcar? a. a Polka tune 50. In Streetcar, why did Allan Grey most likely marry Blanche? a. He thought her love would “cure” his homosexuality
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a a dirty hand towel 34 With what symbolic observation does...

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