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htw 309 paper 4

Yost using the traditional eastern medicines because

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disapproved of Mr. Yost using the “traditional” eastern medicines. Because of this small disagreement that they ran into Mr. Yost is no longer telling Dr. Yee that he has continued to use this medicine against his wishes. Mr. Yost has continued to get sick and Dr. Yee can’t understand the reasoning behind this. Dr. Yee eventually figures out that Mr. Yost has lead anemia and can’t figure out the reason why if he has discontinued his use the eastern medicines. For Mr. Yost to give Dr. Yee the critical information he needs to improve his health they need to establish a mutual trust. This will enable Mr. Yost to freely communicate his total medical practices with Dr. Yee. They also need to also establish a cultural competency. Cultural competency is one of the most important factors in decreasing the disparity gap in healthcare (Office of Minority Health, 2005). This helps the patients and doctors come together and discuss their health concerns without being detrimental to the conversation, but enhance it (Office of Minority Health, 2005). In establishing this cultural competency instead of doctors automatically disapproving of patients health practices they will be respectful and accommodating to their various beliefs and needs (Office of Minority Health, 2005). In the case of Dr. Yee and Mr. Yost, Dr. Yee will be more supportive and instead of attacking Mr. Yost beliefs he can inform him in a polite way that the eastern medicines can be having negative effects on his health. After Dr. Yee pin pointed Mr. Yost problem he administered the proper medicines to alleviate the symptoms Mr. Yost was feeling. However, Mr. Yost went back to using his eastern
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Yost using the traditional eastern medicines Because of...

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