Q22 What Activities Do You Usually Do When You Go Outside Q23 Do You Spend

Q22 what activities do you usually do when you go

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Q22: What Activities Do You Usually Do When You Go Outside? Q23: Do You Spend Enough Time Doing Outdoor Activities? Q24: Is There Anything In Your Hometown That (You Think) Needs To Be Improved? Q25: If You Could Change One Thing About Your Hometown, What Would It Be? Q26: Where Are You Living Now? Do You Like This Place? Why? Language Q1. What Foreign Languages Have You Studied? Q2. Would You Say It's A Difficult Language To Learn? Q3. Do Vietnamese People Have Many Chances To Practice Oral English? Q4. Do You Think It's Important To Know More Than One Language? Q5. What Is The Most Difficult Part About Studying A Foreign Language? Morning Routine Q1: What Do You Do In The Mornings? Q2: Is Breakfast Important? Q3: What Is Your Morning Routine? Q4: Do You Like To Get Up Early In The Morning? Movie Q1: Do You Often Go To The Cinema? Q2: Do You Often Go To The Cinema? Q3: Do You Often Go To The Theater?
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IELTS Duc Thang Bui Q4: What Kinds Of Movies Do You Like Best? Q5: Who Is Your Favorite Movie Star? Describe Him / Her. Museums Q1. Do You Think Museum Are Useful For Visitors To Your Hometown/ Country? Q2. Do You Often Visit A Museum? Q3.When Was The Last Time You Visited A Museum? Q4. Do You Think It Is Suitable For Museum To Sell Things To Visitors? Q5. Do You Think Museums Are Important? Music Q1: Do You Like Music? Q2: What Kind Of Music Did You Listen To When You Were Young? Q3: When Was The Last Time You Went To A Concert? Q4: Would You Like To Participate In A Live Music Show? Name Q1 : What’s Your Name? Q2: How Should I Call You? Q3: May I See Your Id? Q4: Does Your Vietnamese Name Have A Special Meaning Q5: Do You Like Your Name? Q6: Who Gives The Names In Vietnam? Q7: What’s The Tradition Of Giving Names? Q8: What Do You Think Of Nicknames? Q9: What Meanings Are There In The Nicknames Of Vietnamese People? Q10: Have You Ever Changed Your Name, Why? Q11: Do Vietnamese People Like Changing Their Names? Why? Q12: What’s Their Purpose In Changing Their Names? Neighborhood Q1. Are There Many People Living Near You? Q2. Do You Know Your Neighbors? Q3. Do You Think It's Important To Know Your Neighbors? Shopping Q1: What Kind Of Clothes Do You Like To Wear? Q2: Do You Like Shopping? Q3: What Kind Of Bags Do You Like? Q4: Do You Have Different Bags For Different Occasions?
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