It doesnt work because africa is poor they dont trade

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-it doesn’t work because Africa is poor, they don’t trade much with each other -there was renewed interest in the 1990s partially because of muammar gaddafi leader of Libya -in 2002 the African Union was relaunched -the objectives are to accelerate the political and social economic integration of the entire continent. To promote and defend African common positions on interests to African states to the rest of the world to combat disease corruption poverty and to promote peace governance -none of these goals have been met
-there isn’t good governance in the country -there is one possible interesting exception -themost promising part of the AUis a common military -most of the world doesn’t care much about Africa -the Rwandan genocide of 1994: 800,000 dead and no one got involved -western powers don’t want to send troops to Africa -so, the rest of the world is supporting the AU military since they need it and other powers won’t intervene -money and training have been flowing in -Omar al-Bashir president of Sudan who may have been conducting genocide said he wouldn’t let UN troops in but he would let AU troops in -AU military also supported for its anti-terrorist promise Country Club Oddballs -the three Gs -G7 group (US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK): meeting of finance ministers and central
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