The first term of an arithmetic progression ap with

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22. The first term of an Arithmetic Progression (A.P.) with six terms is p and its common difference is c. Another A.P. with five terms has also its first term as p and a common difference of d. the last terms of the two Arithmetic Progressions are equal. a) Express d in terms of c. (3 mks) b) Given that the 4th term of the second A.P. exceeds the 4th term of the first one by 1 ½ , find the value of c and d. (3 mks) c) Calculate the value of p if the sum of the terms of the first A.P. is 10 more than the terms of the second A.P. (4mks) 23. In a uniform accelerated motion the distance ii) The time taken to travel a distance of 560 metres. (3 mks)
98 Pyramid Consultants P.O Box 67593 00200 Nairobi 0722614502 / 0733494581 24. In the figure below, P,Q, R and S are points on the circle. Line USTV is a tangent to the circle at S, <RST = 500and <RTV = 1500. PRT and USTV are straight lines. ii) < USP; (1mk) iii) < PQR (2 mks) i) The length of line PR; (2 mks) ii) The radius of the circle. (3 mks)
99 Pyramid Consultants P.O Box 67593 00200 Nairobi 0722614502 / 0733494581 MATHEMATICS K.C.S.E PAPER 121/ 2 2011 QUESTIONS SECTION I (50 mks) Answer all the questions in this section 1 Use logarithms, correct to 4 decimal places, to evaluate 83.46×0.0054 1.56 2 3 (4 mks) 2. Three grades A, B, and C of rice were mixed in the ratio 3:4:5. The cost per kg of each of the grades A, B and C were Ksh 120, Ksh 90 and Ksh 60 respectively. Calculate: (a) The cost of one kg of the mixture; (2 mks) (b) The selling price of 5 kg of the mixture given that the mixture was sold at 8% profit, (2 mks) 3. Make s the subject of the formula. 𝑊 = √ ?+? ? 3 (3 mks) 4. (a) Solve the inequalities 2x 5 > - 11 and 3 + 2x < 13, giving the answer as a combined inequality. (3 mks) (b) List the integral values of x that satisfy the combined inequality in (a) above. (1 mk)