A the premise that a causes b b causes c and so on to

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a) the premise that A causes B , B causes C , and so on to X b) the premise that X is undesirable (or desirable) 3. Considering the weakest point in the slippery slope argument, the most effective way to argue against it would be to argue that ________. a) A does not cause B b) B does not cause X 4. The conclusion of the argument from analogy is that ________. a) the US intervening in Iraq in 2003 was right b) the US government is like a benevolent father c) pre-emptive invasion of the West would be justified d) torture of prisoners is justified 5. Considering the argument from analogy involved and the premises it requires, the weakest point in the argument is ________. a) the premise that X is p , q , r , …, z b) the premise that Y is p , q , r , … c) the premise that p , q , r , … are the properties relevant to z
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