Bypassing of safety devices such as a light grid or

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Bypassing of safety devices such as a light grid or an interlocked gate is in some situations only allowed if status information (bypassing active/inactive) is indicated. Tina 5A can therefore supervise an indication lamp (1-5 W) connected across L1-L2, and the bypassing signal from Tina 5A is only sent if the indication lamp is working properly. If no indication lamp is to be used across L1-L2 (e.g. if the status indication is performed by other means) an 820 / 2 W resistor must be connected across L1-L2. Whether indication is required depends on the specific situation and result of risk analysis. When the Tina 5A receives a dynamic signal to S1 and the bypass indication lamp (1-5W) is ON, a bypassing output signal is provided on S2 and S3. A broken indication lamp, or a short circuit within it, leads to an interruption of the bypass output signal on S2 and S3, therefore stopping the bypassing. The dynamic signal to S1 on Tina 5A must be the input signal from the first of the safety devices intended to bypass. The signal can be connected via output contacts from a safety relay, a safety timer or be initiated via a unit providing the dynamic signal as for example an Eden or a Spot. The dynamic output signal from S2 or S3 is to be connected to the output signal from the last safety device which is to be bypassed. Safety regulations Warning! Carefully read through this entire manual before using the device. The devices shall be installed by a trained electrician following the Safety regulations, standards and the Machine directive. Failure to comply with instructions, operation that is not in accordance with the use prescribed in these instructions, improper installation or handling of the device can affect the safety of people and the plant. For installation and prescribed use of the product, the special notes in the instructions must be carefully observed and the technical standards relevant to the application must be considered. In case of failure to comply with the instructions or standards, especially when tampering with and/or modifying the product, any liability is excluded. 2TLC172131M0201, rev. D 5 2014-03-11
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