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Ultimately the song shera di khom by ludacris and

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and the lyrics of the song. Ultimately, the song Shera Di Khom by Ludacris and Akashay Kumar suits my defining moment of when I realized how important perseverance is; therefore, leading me to choose this song. Through the specific use of symbolic and technical methods, codes and conventions assisted me in enhancing my storyboard. For my storyboard I chose to use tears for my symbolic code and an extreme close up shot as my technical code. Tears were used on frame 1 to portray my emotion after missing a shot, and being yelled at by my father. The sadness and anger at failing caused my tears to come naturally. In addition, I used an extreme close up shot as my technical code in frame 5 to show my facial expressions. My facial expression showed that I was going to persevere and attempt to win the soccer game no matter what. The rage in my face showed that I will not give up, and that I will face anything life throws at me. The extreme close up also suggests an intimacy and creates a melodramatic effect of me getting up, after falling in the mud. Ultimately, these symbolic and technical codes show that my tears were not false, but expressed my deep emotions, thus enhancing my storyboard.
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