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Pts iwhat is the expected osmotic pressure in torr of

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14. (6 pts) (i)What is the expected osmotic pressure (in torr ) of a 0.0150 M solution of KCl in water at 25 ° C? (ii) The osmotic pressure of a 0.0150 M solution of KCl in water at 25 ° C was measured and found to be different from the prediction in (i) above. This is because: a) osmotic pressures are hard to measure. b) K + and Cl ions are strongly hydrated. c) K + and Cl ions can form ion pairs. d) KCl does not dissociate in water. e) none of these 15. (6 pts) (i) When a nonvolatile solute is added to a volatile solvent, the solution vapor pressure __________, the boiling point __________, the freezing point __________, and the osmotic pressure across a semipermeable membrane __________. (ii) A cucumber is placed in a concentrated salt solution. What will most likely happen? 16. (6 pts) At a given temperature, the vapor pressure of heptane is 92.0 torr and the vapor pressure of octane is 31.2 torr. (i) Assuming ideal behavior, what is the vapor pressure (torr) of a heptane-octane solution that contains three times as many moles of octane as heptane? (ii) What is the mole fraction of heptane in the gas phase above the same solution?
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