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Practice Quiz 2 (chapters 5 & 6)

C easy to change d the same as a belief e all of the

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C. easy to change. D. the same as a belief. E. All of the above. 8. Daisy Gazale was interested in a new set of golf clubs. She discussed the various types with some knowledgeable friends and relied on their advice. Daisy's friends were acting as: A. an economic influence. B. routinized decision-makers. C. a social class. D. a lifestyle group. E. a reference group. 9. Consumer buying behavior is affected by: A. opinion leaders. B. social class. C. physiological, safety, social, and personal needs. D. reference groups. E. all of the above. 10. Extensive problem solving probably would NOT be required by young newly-marrieds in the purchase of: A. a stereo system. B. soft drinks. C. a home. D. a DVD player. E. a car. 11. A widely used measure of income in most countries is: a. gross domestic product. b. total consumption expenditures. c. disposable personal product. d. population times GDP. e. socio-economic product. 12.The state with the largest percentage increase in population between 2000 and 2010 is: a. New York b. Nevada c. Illinois d. South Dakota e. Michigan 13. When considering a potential product-market, a marketer should decide: a. where it is. b. what its relevant segmenting dimensions are. c. how big it is. d. All of the above.
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Practice Quiz chapters 5 & 6 Key 1. (p. 154) Which of the following is NOT a psychological variable? A . culture. b. personality. c. learning. d. perception. e. attitudes. Difficulty: Easy LearnObj: 2 Perreault - Chapter 06 #73 Question Type: Definition 2. (p. 154) Regarding consumer motivation, the text states that: a. needs are the basic forces which motivate people to do something. b. all needs and wants are caused by drives.
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C easy to change D the same as a belief E All of the above...

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