More specifically what i want to accomplish today is

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More specifically What I want to accomplish today is to show you how to determine where a product should be placed on a shelf within its specific category. Items can’t be simply placed on a shelf with the hopes they will sell. They must be categorized by size, and type. For example all Kelloggs cereal need to be placed in the same section of the category, as does all Post cereal etc. The general rule of thumb is smaller size to the left working your way to the right with the larger sizes.
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Category Manager Next, I will also go through a mock negotiation with you. This will help you understand what to expect when speaking with clients about their specific product placement. Each specific manufacturer pays for the shelf space that they have their products displayed on. The more they pay the better the placement. The most expensive placement for a product is at customer eye level. Products at eye level tend to sell the faster than others which is the reason for the higher premium. Next, I will give you some ideas on types of displays that I have found work well and have a tendency to increase sales quickly. Often negotiations take place in order to have a special display located in the center of the aisle or on an end cap. This increases the product visibility tremendously. The purpose of this is to increase sales without having to pay the premium price for long term self placement. The manufacturer hopes that if enough people find and try their products from the in aisle displays then they will gain repeat customers without having to be at
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More specifically What I want to accomplish today is to...

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