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America: the few, the Proud, the Pigheaded. ppr

Center could be more sensitive to the hardship that

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center could be more sensitive to the hardship that people had to face at the time of September 11, 2010. On the other hand, one must question the drive behind Rauf’s determination to make Park51 the site for his Islamic community center and mosque. Many would argue that not until Rauf and his intentions to build the mosque at Park51 became notarized, did his push for that particular area become as prominent as it is today. Personally, I believe that Rauf feels as though he has something to prove to the individuals that disapprove of his plan, because to disapprove his plan is to disapprove of him. That is not to say that he and his family are unaffected by the decision to build where at that location. Daisy Khan, the wife of Feisal Rauf, has spoken out publicly about receiving death threats. “For the record, my life is under threat” (Ground Zero). I believe that if we, as a people, put more effort into understanding and appreciating the differences of the Muslim faith, rather than holding a deluded grudge; because lets face it, America’s fear and hatred for the individuals of that faith stem essentially from a grudge. We as American’s could all learn a lesson in practicing what we preach. We teach our children to be open minded and accepting of others, and we teach them about freedom of religion in America, but we contradict ourselves constantly surrounding this issue. In the same token, the Islamic leaders heading this project are eerily steadfast on the location and name, the Cordoba House, of the community center. “The [building] took its name from the Spanish city of Cordoba, which was the capital of Muslim Spain” (Graham). If more than one faith is represented in this community center, more than one should be represented in the title of the center. Feisal Abdul
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