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Company name give your travel agency a name company

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Company Name. Give your travel agency a name. _______________________ Company Logo. You will select a graphic or an image from the clipart files or you may create your own. Write some ideas down here that you might use. Ideas for company logo: ______________________________________ Title for your brochure. _________________________________________ On the program it will say “business tag line”. You need to come up with a snappy phrase to “sell” your biome. Snappy Phrase: _______________________________________________ Agent Names: You will put you and your partner’s names here so that I will know who did the brochure. ______________________ & ________________________ Telephone Number. Put in a fictitious phone number for your biome or travel agency using 7 characters. (Ex. For a biome: 1-800-GOTAIGA or for an agency: 1-800-TRAVLUS) Phone Number: _______________________________ World Wide Web Address for your company. _______________________________ Address, phone number, and fax number of your company. Address: _____________________________________________________ Phone #: __________________________
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Fax #: _________________________ General summary information about your biome and include any other information you think is relevant to your biome. This is where you really “sell” your biome. After reading this, a person should want to visit your biome ASAP!!! Information about the general location of your biome. Discuss where this type of biome could be found in the world, possibly in the United States. (You should include a map!!) Information about the climate and precipitation of your biome. Information about animal life in your biome. Information about plant life in your biome. Information about the human impact in this biome. What are humans doing to devastate and destroy this biome?
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