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Organizational Behavior Sexual Harassment

The ceo should issue the policy and make it a high

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detailed written policy on sexual harassment. The CEO should issue the policy and make it a high priority of the company. Second, they need to distribute this policy to all workers, supervisors, and even some non-employees. To help employees grasp the nature of sexual harassment, companies may want to provide their workers with examples of behavior that they consider
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inappropriate. Procedure Despite prudent measures, companies will always face the possibility, if not the probability, that sexual harassment will occur. Enforcement Even the most comprehensive sexual harassment policies and procedures are bound to fail if a company does not enforce them quickly, consistently, and aggressively. 6. C ONCLUSION Sexual harassment in the workplace presents an ongoing and growing risk to businesses operating in the United States. Today, the time is right for businesses to begin to manage their risk in this area more wisely. Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace requires a considerable investment of time and personnel. In the end, however, these costs will be offset by significant savings in legal fees and health-care costs. Companies will also benefit from increased worker productivity.
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