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O what historyhistories of the problem are offered by

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o What history/histories of the problem are offered by each side? o (How) Do local cultures matter? NOTE: You do not need to address all of these additional questions (though you can), and you are welcome to go beyond them, so long as your discussion and analysis takes a social constructionist approach. You do need to make choices about what topics are important to discuss, given your content analysis, and what you can thoroughly cover without being repetitious or adding fluff to the analysis. We will assess your ability to construct an argument that is well articulated and discusses appropriate themes/questions. Outline Guidelines/Expectations On 04/30, you will submit a 1-sentence thesis statement followed by a brief outline of your paper. Your outline should be no more than a few bullet points of the major topics, themes, and arguments you will address in the paper. Term Paper Formatting Guidelines Please adhere to the following formatting guidelines: Cover page with name, course number/title, date, and (optional) paper title. 6 page, double-spaced. 1 inch margins. Calibri or Times New Roman font, 10 or 12 point. Works cited page. Note: The works cited and cover pages do not count toward your total paper length.
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