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Many people today think of having abortions as a form

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Many people today think of having abortions as a form of birth control and use it is such. But that is NOT the case. Birth control, such as the birth control pill and condoms, is meant to prevent pregnancy, not take care of it after it has already happened. Abortions can also cause psychological and emotional damage to the mother, such as depression and regret. For opponents to this argument, there are a few different places they may choose to find fault with, starting with the matter of adoption. Opponents could argue that there are already so many babies and children in adoption programs and foster care that putting another child into that life is not fair. There is no guarantee that the child will ever be adopted and making it live its life in the foster care system is wrong. Another opposing view to my argument could address the premise of birth control. There are a large number of women, especially teen or young mothers, that come from low income areas and do not have the medical insurance or money to afford birth control or condoms to help prevent them from getting pregnant. They may say that we cannot hold these women responsible in their situation because it would only make their lives worse. It would also be extremely detrimental to the child to force it to grow up in that lifestyle. If the mother couldn’t afford birth control or condoms, there is almost zero chance that she is capable of raising a child to its fullest potential. In the case of young/teen mothers, most also don’t want their parents to know they are sexually active and can’t get birth control or condoms for fear of getting in trouble. Lastly, there is the matter of psychological pain. Not all women who get an abortion end up feeling depressed or regretful, therefore this isn’t a sound premise. If the situation can’t apply to the majority of the population, it shouldn’t be used to support an argument as important as this.
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While these objections are completely valid, they can be argued against. My rebuttal to the issue of adoption would be that even if there is a chance the child wouldn’t be adopted there is still always a chance that it will. There are many couples, and even single parents, looking and
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Many people today think of having abortions as a form of...

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