Then fill in the first part of the plot column A family is caught in the rain

Then fill in the first part of the plot column a

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Then fill in the first part of the plot column (A family is caught in the rain, and the son cannot find a cab) and direct students to work with partners to add the next event to the plot column. When they are done, ask several pairs to share out and add their entry (The son runs into the Flower Girl, who tries to sell a flower to the Mother) to the plot column. Ask: * “What makes plot notes effective?” Listen for them to notice that effective plot notes are concise, list events in order, and focus only on central events (for example, the bear crashing in the woods is not included). Finally, focus students on the fourth column of the chart. Explain that these questions will help them focus on the interaction of characters, setting, and plot. Direct students to work with their seat partners to answer these questions. Circulate to support them as needed, directing them back to the text for evidence. Use your circulating to select several strong pairs to share out; script their answers as they share to create a common public record of a strong answer. Created by Expeditionary Learning, on behalf of Public Consulting Group, Inc. © Public Consulting Group, Inc., with a perpetual license granted to Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound, Inc. NYS Common Core ELA Curriculum G7:M2B:U2:L2 June 2014 6
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