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Refer exhibit an administrator is trying to put a

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72. Refer exhibit
An administrator is trying to put a node into maintenance mode but receives the message shown in theexhibit.What is a potential reason for this dialog?
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73. refer exhibit
An administrator needs to update some images that were previously uploaded to their Nutanix cluster,while logged into Prism Element when trying to update the images, the update icon is not enabled.What could be the cause for this behavior?
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74. Which component can be associated with a storage policy?
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74. An administrator recently added new SSDs to a Nutanix cluster and knows the firmware will be outof date, Due to security constraints, the cluster does not have access to the Internet.Which two steps must be completed to update the firmware? (Choose two.)Download the disk firmware from the OEM's website.Download a darksite bundle and deploy an internal webserver,Select Upgrade Software, then upload the firmware bundle.
update the LCM Source and URL to access the firmware bundle.75. refer exhibit76. An administrator wants to reduce the largest amount of alert emails received from Prism Central.Which two settings should the administrator customize to meet this requirement? (Choose two)
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77. An administrator needs to periodically send information about cluster efficiency via email to a set ofusers.What should be configured to accomplish this task?
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