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Responsibility project avalon 4 what is the

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RESPONSIBILITY PROJECT- AVALON 4 What is the relationship between legal and ethical issues as shown in the film? There are no legal issues represented in this film. This film is about the ethical issues and bravery of two women who set out to try to heal a neighborhood, community, and city. By offering fairness and honesty to their employees and customers, the rewards are ownership of a successful small business. Community members have responsibilities to themselves and their community. Social responsibility is probably the most important because each of us can play a part in making a difference. The film Avalon depicted two women who were brave enough to start a small business in a community where it was unlikely to survive. They offered organizational ethics by their responsibility to the employees, the earth, and the community. The community rewarded them by making sure the business thrived.
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RESPONSIBILITY PROJECT- AVALON 5 References Liberty Mutual’s The Responsibility Project. (2012, May 3). The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Avalon. Retrieved from http://responsibility-project.libertymutual.com/films/the-entrepreneurial- spirit-avalon#fbid=NsvA-zAC7Jw Huffington Post. (2011, May 25). Detroit's Unemployment Rate Is Nearly 50%, According To The Detroit News. Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/12/16/detroits- unemployment-rat_n_394559.html
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RESPONSIBILITY PROJECT AVALON 4 What is the relationship...

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