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Cultural Space or Event - Guidelines

1 documentation showing that you attended the event

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1. Documentation showing that you attended the event – this could be a ticket stub, program, receipt, etc. If no documentation can be obtained, include a dated picture of yourself at the entrance to the event. Worksheets submitted without documentation will not receive credit! 2. A description of the event: a. What was the event, where was it, when was it, who was there? b. What was the purpose of the event? c. What cultural group was this event created by or for? How is that cultural group defined? Consider the evolution of the portrayal of this cultural group in visual culture and media: how has it been portrayed by those inside and outside of the culture? What did you know or think you knew about this group based on media portrayals? You may wish to do additional research before or after the event to augment what you know about this group – remember to always cite your sources. 3. Your interpretation of the event: a. Semiotics: What signifiers did you notice in the environment? What concepts did you interpret them as signifying? b. How did you feel as a person new to this experience? Did others welcome you? What specific aspects of the event contributed to your feelings?
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