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Trading at forward earnings multiple of 12 on par

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trading at forward earnings multiple of 12, on par with the rest of the market http://beta.fool.com/apinkasovitch/2012/03/17/will-apple-be-worth-1- trillion/2963/?source=eogyholnk0000001 Comparing to last year, Apple’s shares have appreciated 48% Apple had traded just above $600 this past Monday, which it had never done before. At the moment, Apple has very huge sale momentum with the latest iPad which propelled spending this past week. Once the share price hit its peak, the company’s market worth had valued the company at almost $560 billion. The company had also decided to repurchase up to $10 billion in stock, which is significant to this company, seeing as it had not paid a dividend since ’95; it had been against Steve Job’s ethics (didn’t like being a financial US corporation – preferred being non-) http://finance.yahoo.com/news/apple-touches-record-high-ipad-032358438.html NKE Profit/Loss: 162,777.00 Market Value: 4,161,852.40 %: 4.07% Nike plans on releasing its Q3 financial results Thursday, March 22, 2012 http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nike-inc-announces-third-quarter-211500693.html
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Import costs are increasing, causing the likeliness of US footwear companies to find lower-cost supply sources, reducing China’s share of the import market over the next 5 years; imported prices of shoes are increasing; painful reality – facing inflation in the midst of a sluggish economic environment; as a result of the raised import costs, brands like Nike and Columbia Sportswear will have to increase product prices to cover increased costs for everything from cotton to air freight; Nike is VERY diversified SXCI Profit/Loss: 79,674.60 Market Value:  10,064,160.00 %: 0.80% SXC Health Solutions is a pharmacy benefit management company that sells services related to that and medical record keeping to businesses in the US. It operates as a third party verifier. SXCI pulled back 2%, since the pharmacy benefits manager traded sideways.
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trading at forward earnings multiple of 12 on par with the...

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