Shaw enjoys weaving his own personal convictions

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come from the most surprising source. Shaw enjoys weaving his own personal convictions throughout all of his work vicariously and wittily, Pygmalion being no exception. Mr. Doolittle is a common dustman, a lethargic man who spends his time drinking alcohol at the local pub. He is not too proud to beg for money, even from Eliza. He is representative of the social class of the undeserving poor, which, means that he is not * In this play and in British society at large, language is closely tied with class. From a person’s accent, one can determine where the person comes from and usually what the person’s socioeconomic background is. Because accents are not very malleable, poor people are marked as poor for life. Higgins’s teachings are somewhat radical in that they disrupt this social marker, allowing for greater social mobility.
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