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Thesis Final Report (long)

A yes at times i do buy it if my mother requires q

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A: Yes at times I do buy it if my mother requires. Q: Are you aware about the fact that there is a government rate list for fruits & vegetables? A: Yes I recently came to know about it. Q: So do u think they charge more than the rate list? A: If they see there is no rate list in the customers hand then yes, they do charge more but then I take out the rate list from my pocket and they are then bound to charge that price only. Q: Do u come here with a specific list in mind of the items that u have to purchase? A: Not really, I just roam around and buy whatever I like. Q: Do u have a specific budget in mind when u come to Sunday market? A: No, there’s no use of coming with a budget since I don’t have a specific list in mind. Q: After getting a good bargain over here, do u go around telling everyone that u struck such a good deal at Sunday market? A: Yes of course I like to tell people that I saved up on so much money Q: Do u get a sense of achievement after striking a good deal? A: It’s a good feeling because it makes us realize how these shopkeepers are making fools out of us by charging such a high price. Q: Where else do u shop from, apart from Sunday market? A: Millennium Mall and Dolmen Mall Q: Do u bargain there also? A: I try to but since they have fixed prices, they don’t have a culture of bargaining. Q: Do you live close by or do you come from far off? A: I come all the way from Gulistan-e-Jauhar. 78
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Respondent # 13 Gender: Female Income Bracket: Age bracket: 45-50 years Profession: Housewife Q: How often do u come to Sunday market? A: Every Sunday Q: Do you live close by or come from far away? A: I live in Phase 2 Q: What is your purpose of coming to Sunday market? A: Its like an outing for me, plus the things you get here are so interesting that I could spend hours here and not end up buying anything. Q: What kind of items do u purchase from here? A: A lot of things from unstitched clothes to decoration pieces to house hold items, gift items, grocery etc etc. Q: Do u bargain when u shop? A: Of course I do, that’s in our blood. Q: So if the shopkeeper quotes a price of 1,000 for a pair of jeans, so how low will u bring the price to? A: i start off with 1/3 the price and then settle on ½. Q: How do u start off with your bargaining? In a soft way or harsh way? A: I try to talk in a Pathan tone since all shop keepers are pathans here, so “hasi mazaak bhi ho jaati hai” and they end uo giving me a good discount also. Q: How do you decide the worth of an item? A: If I’m in the clothes section, I can tell by the quality of the cloth Q: Do u come here with your family or alone? A: I come here with my family children, they roam separately and buy books and slippers and I do my own shopping Q: Where else apart from Sunday Market do you go for shopping?
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