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Journal Assignment Part I, Technology and Stress

2 how was the added value of the new technology to

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2) How was the added value of the new technology to the customer or company proven? The added value of the new technology to the customer will be proven by obtaining feedback from the customers regarding their experience with the new system. If the customer's feedback is positive and customer's purchase experience, convenience and satisfaction is significantly enhanced, the new technology will prove to be of immense value to the customer. The value to the customer will also be reflected in timely and accurate delivery of company's products to the customers. The company will also gain in terms of enhancement in efficiency, accuracy and reliability related to processing of orders and delivery of goods to the customers. The new technology is expected to ensure timeliness in delivery, enhance customer satisfaction and quick processing of orders. This, in turn, will enhance revenues and profitability due to improved customer satisfaction and reducing in errors and delays in delivery of goods. 3) Outline the support plan for customers who may have questions. Offer direction to customers when new product problems occur. The customers who will have questions regarding this new technology can reach the helpline provided by the company or send email to customer service representatives or even access customer service staff via live chat. These options will be provided by company to ensure that the customers can use this system without any issues and resolve their issues quickly. Customers can even reach their sales representatives who, in turn, can resolve their queries with the help of customer service representatives or technical staff in the organization.
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