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Employees are given many rights relating to their

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Employees are given many rights relating to their rights to request information regarding health and safety at their place of work. These rights are specifically detailed in the "All About OSHA" publication . The right-to-know laws require employers to inform employees about any hazardous chemicals that they may be working with. Right-to-know laws cover a range of statutes designed to give employees the right to know the type of dangerous materials they are handling. As part of providing good workplace security , employers need to conduct appropriate background checks on prospective employees as they can be held legally liable for negligent hiring if they fail to. Employers guilty of negligently hiring an employee who subsequently carries out a violent act in the workplace may be sued for providing an unsafe working environment. In order to reduce workplace violence, prospective employees should be screened, managers should be trained to spot violence indicators, a formal program should be introduced spelling out a zero-tolerance policy and clear reporting procedure for violent acts introduced. Employers should encourage employees to report acts of violence without fear of reprisal. A wider view of health and safety of employees would also include the emotional as well as physical perspectives of life quality. Many consider the emotional aspects of an employee's life to be personal. However, if they affect the company, then it becomes an organizational problem.
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The Employee Assistance Program has been introduced by many organizations as a means to deal with issues such as alcoholism , drug abuse and personal crises in order to provide a complete wellness program for workers. Many companies have instituted stress -management programs to counteract the harmful effects of job-related stress, but further action to remove stressors such as poor working conditions, insufficient recognition, poor chain of command and discrimination should also be instigated. Employees will usually feel stress if they feel that they do not get adequate recognition for their contribution to the company. One of the ways employers can address this issue is by introducing an appropriate recognition program for all employees . Drug assistance programs for drug-dependent employees are called EAPs. Employee Assistance Programs or EAPs can also be known as Cost of Assistance programs. Employee Rights and Discipline Employee rights can be defined as the assurances granted by employers, the courts and legislation for fair treatment of employees. Fair treatment is the cornerstone of employee rights – in balancing the needs of the employer and employee. The majority of alleged employee rights violations concern the right to privacy. Privacy violations comprise the most common complaint regarding employee rights breaches. Complaints may cover genetic testing
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Employees are given many rights relating to their rights to...

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