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A draw diagrams that show the different rflp morphs

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(a) Draw diagrams that show the different RFLP morphs, and explain the presence of the three genotypes mentioned above. (b) How would you explain the association of the disease with pattern (iii) and the absence of the disease with pattern (ii)? (c) A man in this family is contemplating having a child. What tests need to be done?
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Evolutionary Genetics 8.A researcher is trying to determine whether an RFLP marker is linked to a specific mouse disease gene. The RFLP marker identifies a simple DNA polymorphism between two inbred mouse strains: individuals from the albino strain BalbC are homozygous for a 3-kb DNA fragment; individuals from the black strain C57BL are homozygous for a 5-kb DNA fragment. The F 2 progeny from a cross between normal BalbC mice and diseased C57BL mice gave the following electrophoretic phenotypes: (a) Is the RFLP marker linked to the disease gene? Explain your answer. (b) What were the phenotype and genotype of the F 1 mice? If the RFLP marker and disease gene are linked, show the arrangement of disease/normal alleles and RFLP markers on the homologous chromosomes. 9. A gene for a recessive genetic disease in dogs ( dod/dod) is linked to an RFLP. A cross was carried out between a female of a strain affected by the DOD disease and a male from a pure-breeding strain, unaffected by the disease. The F 1 males and females were crossed (brother × sister) to produce an F 2 that included 12 puppies in their first litter, as shown in the pedigree below. The two haplotypes are 8 kb and 6 + 2 kb. What are the genotypes of the following numbered puppies? (Include both the dod and RFLP genotypes in your answer.): #5, #6, #10, #12, and #13.
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