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Anthology of Arguments

Mike keefe effectively uses the manipulation of

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Mike Keefe effectively uses the manipulation of colors, comparison and contrast to convey the message of the negative consequences of social networking on family interaction time. Keefe presented two frames to compare and contrast social networking through the visual. One frame shows two families in Paleolithic age where the father of the families is telling the children stories with the fire in the middle. The fire is the symbolization of the connection between the people in the picture. In addition, the fire is shown as getting bigger which is the
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result of conversation growing amongst the family members. On the other hand, the second frame illustrates both families showing their backs to each other and each of them has their own technological device. However, when analyzing the second frame, the fire between the families seems to be extinguished. The comparison between the two frames is very apparent. The families in the second frame seem to be missing out on each other’s lives by being on their electronic devices. Ultimately the fire is an indicator of the amount of interpersonal communication in which the families participate in. Social networking is a wonderful invention, but it reduces the amount of interpersonal communications, humans participate in. According to the article Social networking sites and the effects on family interaction
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Mike Keefe effectively uses the manipulation of colors...

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