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TeamC-Change&Communication Plan

As with all plans several variables can hinder or

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As with all plans, several variables can hinder or ensure the success of the plan or change. The Managers must identify and overcome any obstacles presented before them. We need to ensure that there is adequate commitment from all individuals included in this plan. There is a need to overcome the fear of failure in one of the top priorities to divide and conquer. We must make sure that the employees are provided with the most up-to-date information and directional procedures to ensure clear direction. For this plan to succeed, we also need to focus on the present and future and not dwell on the relevance of why we are changing in the first place. Lastly, as long as the staff continues to focus on variables that they can control and not dwell on the uncontrollable ones. If we arm the employees with the correct tools to outfit their toolbox, we can ensure the greatest degree of success in achieving this plan.
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6 Section 2: Communication Plan There are multiple channels that could be used to communicate change in the business. Some of the types of channels are formal reports like bulletins, memos and letters, prerecorded speeches, e-mail, online discussions, voicemail, live speeches, telephone conversations, video conferences, and face-to-face conversations. Depending on how often the message is sent is main factor on which channel to use. If you send it routinely you would want to send through a low in richness channel compared to if they aren’t sent routinely is when you would want to send it through a high in richness channel. The most used channels in a business that would be able to put out change would be memos, emails, and face-to-face conversations. If they change doesn’t affect an employee’s job the best way to convey a change would be through email or memo because those are more of a low in richness channel. If the change affects the job of the employee the best way to do that would be to uses a face-to-face conversation which is a high in richness channel; that way the employer can convey with emotion and show their employee how the really feel and it wouldn’t be misinterpreted. Barriers to communication can severely alter the true meaning of communication. These barriers include those caused by both the sender and receiver of the message. Filtering occurs when the sender manipulates the message intentionally to the receiver will be more favorable to the message. Selective perception is the receiver of the message selectively choosing to hear and see what they want to. This is can be altered ‘based on their needs,
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7 Change Management and Communication Plan motivations, experience, background or other personal characteristics” (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 359). Information overload is too much information for the company’s processing capability. Emotions can be a barrier if they are extreme emotions such as depression or complete excitement. People’s perception of a message can be altered because of these extreme emotions. Language is a barrier as some words are the same but have different meanings. The silence barrier involves sitting silent or ignoring any form of communication. Communication apprehension is also referred to as social anxiety. People with
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As with all plans several variables can hinder or ensure...

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