Reduced the crowns long term revenue only immediate

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reduced the crown’s long-term revenue (only immediate money); wealth was really based off land; the crown had to ask for extraordinary grants for taxation from parliament – called for political reform; King of England goes to Parliament Charles I: - Petition of Right (1628): restated the traditional English freedoms (of arbitrary arrest & imprisonment, nonparliamentary taxation, confiscation from property by Marshall Law) Puritans : groups demanding thorough Church reforms; demanding abolishing hierarchy of archbishops & bishops – want a presbyter system (similar to Scotland) – each nation called for nomination for national assembly King of England archbishop bishop etc King decided to strengthen power of the bishops, but intro of a new Scottish prayer book, Scottish rebelled (Scots under Brit rule) Charles I called on Parliament to call for campaign against the Scots & tried to negotiate with them instead; parliament tried to bypass Charles & he ended up calling parliament rebels 1645: King wouldn’t give up his authority or religion & rebels (parliament) are traitors; sparks war – political issue 1647: The army ($$$) seizes the king and demand parliament to pay salary; army hasn’t been paid yet btw eventually becomes a military revolution Rump Parliament : parliament that’s left after it was purged by the army, to bring England was declared a commonwealth; Monarchy was abolished; nation covered by lower level of parliament Oliver Cromwell became leader of revolutionary government in 1653; dissolved the Rump Parliament; named himself the “Lord Protector” of England; ruled on
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reduced the crowns long term revenue only immediate money...

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