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Voucher Revision

Children who cannot afford a private education are

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tuition. Children who cannot afford a private education are often forced to attend a school that will not properly prepare them, which is a large disadvantage and truly unfair. Although not all public schools are failing, there is not enough high quality ones for every child to attend. The students that are not lucky enough to attend high quality schools are being trapped in the underclass system, where they are stripped of the tool that should be
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Bordeaux 3 their way out. In today’s society, the rate of students that do not go on to graduate is increasing rapidly. “As many as one third of the nations forty million school-age children are at risk of either failing, dropping out, or falling victim to crime, drugs, or teenage pregnancy” (Barrett and Boaz). If these students had the opportunity to receive a higher- level education, this percentage would start to decrease and better the society as a whole. Vouchers finally give parents a choice. This choice allows them to decide the best educational path for their children to travel down. According to Nina Rees, “school choice programs have improved overall student academic achievement in public schools. Evidently, competition is good for learning” (Rees). No matter what a family’s income, every parent should be provided with the same option of schools to send their children to. Students who cannot afford tuition at a private school are even limited to which public school they can attend. The reality is that the wealthy families typically send their kids to private schools and a large portion of poor families are stuck in the public schools. This does not mean that the wealthy families should be paying for the less fortunate to go to school or that these families should not be able to receive a private education. However, there is too much disparity in the gap between the two. “All people deserve choices in education because families have different needs that may not be met by the current public education system” (Education bug)” There are a lack of schools in certain districts and students have to attend school depending on which district they live in. It is possible that none of the available schools meet the needs of the students. Education is not one size fits all. One specific choice that vouchers will likely have a huge impact on is charter schools. These schools, along with the voucher system, are the solution that the education
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Bordeaux 4 system has been in desperate need of. Charter schools operate freely from the regulations set for the traditional public schools. These schools have little to no government involvement and are only accountable and monitored by the sponsor who created it. The sponsors can be school districts, teachers, community leaders, or even parents. Schools set up their charter with the local or state school board, agreeing on how they will be run and what achievements they expect to make. Each school will have their own mission, goals, and programs that fit the specific needs of their students. This allows them to have more freedom but also adhere to standards that keep them running properly. This forces them to, require stricter academic accountability standards, and hold charter schools accountable to state open meeting, public record and conflict-of-interest laws” (Emerson Smith). Charter schools will also decrease class sizes in public schools by giving the students another
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Children who cannot afford a private education are often...

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