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Problems 1 a three months is relatively long and

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Problems 1. A) Three months is relatively long, and Kristine should have contacted Tammie sooner. B) She can revoke acceptance if she has a reasonable amount of time to reject it and have sufficient evidence as to why it is inadequate. 2. Smith is right. Payment must be paid first, since that is what they agreed upon; however, Beyer still has the ability to inspect after purchasing the fertilizer. The purchasing does not indicate acceptance, especially if the nonconforming good adequately seems to be not what was expected.
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Janine Nipal 3. If there was no agreement to place of delivery, then it must be at the seller’s place of business. If the seller doesn’t have a place of business, then it is at the seller’s house. Otherwise, it would be at the location of the product. Therefore, Benny has the right of action. 4. Maxwell’s defense of the tender being thirty units instead of forth is valid. Johnson has the right to fix any damages or defects, but if not Maxwell can refuse. 5. Jack is incorrect. If both parties are aware during the contract that the item was not located at either the seller’s house or place of residence, then the location of the goods is the place of delivery. Therefore, since both Edwin and Jack were aware of this, Jack would have to agree to meeting at the warehouse.
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