Internet Anxieties

Industry response heroes on air and online people can

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Unformatted text preview: Industry Response: Heroes : on air and online people can interact with the show and possibly effect the outcome of the show; transmedia story telling - - expand and update the TV show into all the other different activities my generation is doing with the media; how can they keep you hooked into their product by using all different types of media; voting for American Idol ← ← III. The Internet’s Promises/Problems: every time a new media technology comes out it will become the best thing ever but then will be the worst thing and threaten to destroy us ← ← A. Utopian/dystopian perspectives and new technologies (example: Annie Hall iPhone): Annie Hall and iPhone: apple is suggesting it will wipe out the ignorance of people ← B. Confounding aspects of the Internet/digital communication: dual nature of communication - - dooms and helps us ← 1. The Internet lets more people access and produce information: Allows us access to and production of information; not only can you access whatever you want but you can publish whatever you want on the internet; ← a. War Games (1983): movie; hacked into a military computer even though he forgot is was just a game ; targeted missals to major cities in the US ← b. blogs: classic example of the quality of the internet; great because your ideas can be shared and controlling what you know; bad thing is you could say whatever you want and it could be bad or wrong ← c. Andrew Keen, Cult of the Amateur: internet is making it hard for people to make a living in this culture; people are stealing culture; ← 2. Digitized media can be manipulated in new ways: now that we get all of our media in digital format; we can do stuff with it; can be both utopian and horrific; the companies with copyright products do not want you to manipulate their products a. “Scary Mary” and others: a....
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Industry Response Heroes on air and online people can...

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