so bad 是可以自己单独使用的但是 as bad 的话后面必�再跟一个 as because of错误同 A C as much as 结构不平行as

So bad 是可以自己单独使用的但是 as bad

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-- so bad 是可以自己单独使用的,但是 as bad 的话后面必须再跟一个 as because of 错误同 A (C) as much… as… 结构不平行; as much… as bad as… 错误同 B because of 错误同 A (D) Correct ;过去完成时以后面的 were getting 对照,说明 a year earilier sales 发生在过去的过去; so bad 不与后面的 as 搭配,而是前面的 as much as 搭配 (E) 结构不平行 , as much as so bad, 此处搭配混乱;第一个原因状语从句用过去完成时更贴切,因为第一 because 是发生在去年,在第二个 because 之前,时态亦需要提前。 170. (GWD21-Q12)
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ChaseDream PREP2008 语法笔记 Practice Test #2 129 Birds known as honeyguides exhibit a unique pattern of behavior: the bird leads another animal, such as a honey- badger or a human, to a bees’ nest with their chattering when they fly ahead; after the larger animal takes honey, the bird eats the wax and bee larvae. A.with their chattering when they fly B.with chattering and its flying chattering as it flies chattering and its flying chattering as they are flying 题目释义: the bird leads sth , , to a bees’ nest b y chattering as it flies 主语是 the bird ,谓语动词 lead sth to some place, by+ 分词结构为方式状语, as 引导时间状语从句。 考点: 指代一致,逻辑表达 1. with by 的区别: (1) 做某事时通过什么方法或手段用 by do something by (doing) something (2) 表示使用有形工具时,通常用 with 来表示: write with a pen, see with naked eyes, strike with a hammar (3) 讲时, by with 的区别在于: with 表示行为动作的工具,后面的名词一般要有冠词; by 表示 动作的手段,后面的名词一律不用冠词。 2.aswhen引导的时间状语含义不同: (1) as 表示 " …… "" 一面 …… 一面 " " 随着 " 。具体用法如下: 1 表示 " …… " " …… 同时 " 。常指从句的动作未结束,主句中的动作就已发生。从句中 多用表示动作的动词,而不用 be 动词或表示感觉、理解、知道这类动词。 e.g. As he stood there, he saw two men enter the bar. She dropped the glass as she stood up. 2 用于平行的动作中,表示 " 一面 …… 一面 ……" 。常指一个主语同时进行两个动作。 e.g. The students took notes as they listened. 3 用于平行发展的结构中,表示 " 随着 ……" 。常指一个行为是另一个行为的结果,或一种状 态随另一种状态变化。句中的动词多表示状态的发展变化。 e.g. As the wind rose the noise increased. As it grew darker it became colder. As he grew older he became more confident . (2) when 表示 …… 的时候 。从句中既可用延续性动词,又可用非延续性动词,这些动词既可以表示 动作,又可表示状态。从句中的动作既可和主句的动作同时发生,又可在主句的动作之前或之后发 生。 When I came into the room, I found him lying there asleep. < 表示动作,主从动作同时发生 > Mary was having dinner when I saw her. < 表示动作,主从动作同时发生 > When you meet a word you don't know, consult the dictionary. < 表示动作,从句动作在前 > She was beautiful when she was a girl. < 表示状态 > * :所以, when 引导的仅仅是最单纯的时间状语,在要表示伴随含义的时候,用 as 比用 when 更为 合适。
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ChaseDream PREP2008 语法笔记 Practice Test #2 130 选项分析 :
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