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As a phase leader each member took action and got the

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member acted when it was their turn to be phase leader. As a phase leader, each member took action and got the job done in order to move onto the next and becoming closer to our team goal. When working in groups and teams, leadership is very important. But, I also believe that communication is just as key, if not more important. The communication area seemed to be the team’s weakest link. Due to inconvenient personal schedules, it was difficult to get a hold of team members at time. This may have lead to some frustration between teammates that was not needed. No, this was not any one member’s fault. It was just an inconvenience at certain times. Better communication would have been preferred by the team, but as stated previously, this was difficult due to the fact that it was almost impossible for the team to all be in the same place at the same time outside of the classroom. Regardless of the personal schedules however, the team
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still strived towards the goal and was able to reach an outcome that I believe made each team member feel like they had done their part well. After completion of the various assignments that were due before the team presentation, the team began to put together the PowerPoint in preparation of their presentation on Richard Branson. By this time, the team was working together very well and deadlines were being met before the due date. It is always positive when a deadline can be met within a timely manner in case any changes need to be made. Once the PowerPoint was finished, the team met one last time to go over their separate roles for the presentation. The presentation went great and the team felt very confident about their overall performance and grade.
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As a phase leader each member took action and got the job...

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