For certain crimes only a citation is given to the

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For certain crimes only a citation is given to the offender (Ex: prostitution and speeding) In other cases, the crime is booked/recorded: Name, address, the time and place of arrest, the charge Fingerprinting and mugshot First point in the cjs where an individual can be released on bail.
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The payment of bail is a guarantee that the person will return for trial—the money is returned at this time. Bail: the most common form of temporary release 3. Initial Appearance Typically before a magistrate to be explained the charges and their rights Bail is determined (these individuals did not received bail during the booking phase) Released on recognizance (ror) A substitute for bail when there is little risk for failure to appear for trial For some offenses (drunk and disorderly or cases with simple citations), summary trial and sentencing is conducted during the initial appearance. 4. Preliminary hearing –statement of evidence against the defendant –dismiss or bind over to grand jury (12 th century England) or prosecutor. most are handled without a grand jury Preliminary hearings are rare Sometimes waived to avoid the release of incriminating evidence Determine if a crime was committed Is the evidence sufficient to establish probably cause Inquire about the reasonableness of the arrest and search Inquire on whether the officer followed the warrant 5. Indictment – A true bill is issued/formal charges Type and nature of the offense The specific statute alleged to have been violated The nature and elements of the offense is charged Time and place of the crime Name, address, and description of the suspect Signature of the foreperson of the grand jury Names of codefendants Requires suspect to appear before a court –sometimes involves a grand jury Grand jury determine sufficient cause for trial 6. Arraignment –suspect plea is entered.
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For certain crimes only a citation is given to the offender...

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