environment the interior has been designed and built out of banana leaf carbon

Environment the interior has been designed and built

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environment, the interior has been designed and built out of banana leaf, carbon fiber, and alcantara. The glass panoramic roof is constructed of safety glass and provides protection from 93% of visible light and 79% of heat, which helps control the inside temperature. The Model S key is innovative in itself as it is programmed to the preference of the individual driver. As the key approaches the vehicle the drivers’ preferences, such as seat position, are loaded and the door unlocks and then the car turns itself on once the driver’s side seat is buckled. LED lights illuminate the door handles which retract when not in use. To add to the features of the car, the Model S’s music system can be connected to a streaming radio sta tion or to mobile devices. In addition to the Model S, Tesla offers its roadster, Model X and Model III is expected in 2018. The Roadster has raised awareness of Tesla as a brand and its ability to develop cutting edge products. To effectively market the Tesla brand, the overall campaign is focused on the message, “ we d on’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children . Tesla wants the Model S to be the car that not only competes with the legacy carmakers, but that allows every Model S driver to leave a legacy of responsible earth friendly decisions. Every Model S driver will be providing future generations with a positive image to follow. By implementing the idea of leaving a legacy, Tesla will not only be able to market the Model S, Model X and upcoming Model III as a luxury vehicle, but also as the only vehicle that an eco-conscious consumer would purchase. This branding aligns with Tesla’s values of innovation, commitment, connection and cataclysm ; all of which, when achieved successfully, leave a legacy. Product Life Cycle:
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