Use the key to call up the information level Use the Diagnostics menu to call

Use the key to call up the information level use the

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Use the key to call up the information level. Use the "Diagnostics" menu to call up the error description with a help text. In the error description, the error number is displayed in the second line (F232.022). Two further lines are used to describe the error. The last three lines provide help or troubleshooting instructions for the operator. Use the and keys to scroll through the accumulated errors.
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DMW 2000 Electro Magnetic Flow meter (FEP321) The third type of electromagnetic flow meter used in this project is DMW 200. the basic principle of measuring the flow is as same as described in previous discussion. The difference is only in installation since the measuring electrode is inserted in the pipe through a socket welded on Duplex SS 316 L spool and it is similar for DMW 1000 flow switch. RD 200 universal transmitter is used for remote display for Rose Mount and Krohne EMF‟s. RD 200 is described in next secession . Location This particular type of flow EMF is installed at each back wash drain headers, column of 5 media filters. Installation It is advisable to locate the tip of the probe a distance of 1/8th of the inside pipe diameter away from the inside pipe wall. Markings on the weld-in socket will help to comply with this installation instruction. Electromagnetic flow probes should be installed laterally on the pipeline with an unimpeded straight inlet run of at least 10 x D (follow manufacturer‟s installation instructions). Following are the installation direction to be considered at the time of installation
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Electrical Connection Power the unit with 24VDC (power terminals marked 11 (-) and 12 (+)). Maximum wire diameter is 1.5mm. Power the current output with 24VDC (power terminals 6 (-) and 5 (+)). Beware of polarity! Max. load is 500 Ohms. One power supply can be used to supply the DWM2000 and current output (Common or separate). After powering the DWM2000 will do a self-test (1 minute), during which current output will be in alarm state (<3mA). If the self-test is OK the DWM2000 will start measuring, if not, the output will remain in alarm state (<3mA). Positioning of the electronic block Open the housing and unscrew the two mounting screws (14) of the electronic block (only two turns). Without taking them out Position the block aligning the arrow with the direction of flow in the pipe (if not aligned false readings will occur). The block is then fixed by fully tightening the mounting screws. Setting of the full Scale. The setting of the full scale has to be done before powering up the DWM2000! Full scale range is from 1 through to 8m/s, and is set by means of the 1, 2, 4 and 8 value switches. The final value of the full scale is the sum of the switches activated. The switch has to be at the side of the inscription to be activated. If the full scale is set improperly (i.e. >8m/s), the device will be in alarm status (output current <3mA)
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