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DSST World Religion Notes

From john the baptist s baptism of jesus to the

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from John the Baptist 's baptism of Jesus to the Ascension of Jesus , and it concentrates particularly on the last week of his life who killed Jesus - Romans who got blamed - Jews zealot – Jewish sect for the removal of Rome from Judea A question on the purpose or result of the Second Vatican Council. - addressed relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the modern world. 4 attendees became Pope. Passage – rituals that mark the passage from one phase of life to another (birth, puberty, marriage, death, etc.) Islam – dominant religion in Middle East, Africa, Asia, youngest religion, also one of the largest Islam – 7 th century – based on the belief that God’s final and best revelation was made thru Muhammad and recorded in the Koran (Qur’an) Koran (Qur’an) – collection of Muhammad’s scriptures, recorded by his followers, (Muhammad was illiterate), considered the most perfect beautiful work in Arabic language Muhammad – founder of Islam – 40 years old when he received the revelation from God (received while praying in a cave, began preaching 3 yrs later) Muhammad – Born in 570 CE (6 th Century) referred to as “The Prophet” because he received the final and complete revelation from Allah (God) Prophets – Muhammad considered himself to be the last in a series of prophets (before him Abraham, Moses and Jesus) Allah – same God worshipped by Jews, Christians, Arab people called him Allah Animistic – believing that spirits and gods resided in stones, trees and animals Mecca – know as holy city which house an ancient meteoric stone – enshrined inside a structure called the Kaaba Kaaba (Grand Mosque) built by Abraham– cube shaped building which Muslims pray 5 times a day – corner stone of the building house an ancient meteoric black stone Pre-Islamic Arabs – Kaaba contained 360 rock idols, Mohammed had all removed except the black stone Zoroastrians – pre-Islamic Arab religion- teaches one supreme god Ahura Mazda – Ahura Mazda - Zorasters believed only one true god – created all things and all other gods were false Ahura Mazda – manifest two spirits (one good and one evil) 1. Spenta Mainyu (good) 2. Angra Mainyu (evil) Hijrah – “migration” from Mecca to Medina 622 CE is when Muhammad made his trip (Muslims were facing persecution so they were fleeing to Medina) Medianans’ Conflict ending in 630 when Muhammad let a conquering force of 10,000 men into the city, In Mecca - Muhammad went to Kaaba and destroyed the idols and images leaving the black stone, he then became the sole leader of the Arabian people Koran is divided into 114 Chapters called Surahs – organized by the lengths of the chapter (Surahs) longest 287 versus, shortest 3 versus Monotheistic Religion – only one God
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Islam and Judaism only Monotheistic religions Mosque – house of prayer – led in prayer by an imam once a week, followed by a sermon Five Pillars of Islam – 1. Repetition of the creed 2. Daily prayer 3. Almsgiving (charitable tax, taken from ones wealth each year)
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from John the Baptist s baptism of Jesus to the Ascension...

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