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But it was the kidnapping case that sent him over the

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but it was the kidnapping case that sent him over the edge and led to the birth of Rorschach. Many of Alan Moore’s characters are portrayed as anti-heroes, such as Rorschach. The ideals and actions of these characters have influenced a group of people to create an organization known as Anonymous. Anonymous is a group of individuals, usually hackers that began as a group who committed mischievous acts, but then decided to use their talents to reveal the truth to the people. They can be viewed with an anti-hero characteristic because although they are portrayed as terrorists and are against the government, they stand for truth and justice. They pursue justice by exposing the truth and also the government. Anonymous is similar to Rorschach because they are both wanted by the government. The government disapproves of their actions because they act unconstitutionally and as rebels. Although they are displayed as bad guys because of their actions, they are actually doing it for a good cause. Rorschach may be violent and insane but he stands for justice and his actions can be justified by his reasons. 10
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