Unit 14 materials of the modern world 22 7 29 unit 15

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Unit 14: Materials of the Modern World 22 7 29 Unit 15: Light, Colours and Beyond 26 19 45 Total: 88 48 136 As it is very important that students be provided with the opportunity to learn through their own experience and at a level appropriate to their own achievement, the course should be adapted to suit the interests and abilities of the students. The Core represents the basic components of science that all students should learn. By concentrating on a smaller number of content areas in the Core, it is hoped that most students will be able to master the basic concepts and principles in science. The Extension constitutes additional learning, the level of attainment for each topic within the Extension would vary from school to school and from class to class. Apart from the Core, teachers would need to select materials from the Extension to suit the needs, interests and abilities of the students. An above average student would take a shorter time to cover each topic area, teachers should judiciously re-assign the time saved to cover more of the Extension topics to make the course more challenging for the students.
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