Paragraph 2 Identify why you liked or disliked the film This paragraph should

Paragraph 2 identify why you liked or disliked the

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Paragraph #2: Identify why you liked or disliked the film. (This paragraph should be substantial). Paragraph #3: Identify the character with whom you most sympathized and why. Paragraph #4: Discuss how the film expanded your ideas about the culture presented in it. Paragraph #5: Discuss how the viewing experience was different from your usual movie-watching habits OR discuss elements of the films that most intrigued you. Class Participation Daily, active participation in class is essential. It will be assessed daily. This portion of the grade will take into account effort, not correctness , and all of the following criteria.
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5 8/12/2019 5 points: Student demonstrates all the following behaviors in class. Is attentive and stays on task, e.g. not distracted by electronic devices, computer, another course’s work, or sleeping Takes initiative to find and work on additional Spanish exercises when in-class assigned work is completed Frequently volunteers Is consistently prepared when called on Speaks mostly Spanish in class, does not persistently chit-chat in English 4 points: Student does not meet at least one of the above criteria. 3 points: Student does not meet at least two of the above criteria, or was tardy, or left early. 2 points: Student does not meet at least three of the above criteria. 1 point: Student does not meet at least four of the above criteria or is disruptive in class. 0 points : For every absence after the fourth absence. Sleeping, using cell phone or other technology may constitute an automatic absence with no warning. Attendance Policy University policy states that students are expected to attend and participate in every class meeting. Instructors establish specific policies relating to absences in their courses and communicate these policies to the students through the course syllabi. Individual instructors, based upon the nature of the course, determine what effect excused and unexcused absences have in determining grades and upon students’ ability to re main enrolled in their courses. The university reserves the right to determine that excessive absences, whether justified or not are sufficient cause for institutional withdrawals or failing grades. Students who have unexcused absences for 8 classes or more will be submitted for withdrawal from the course, regardless of their grade at the time of withdrawal. Excused absences o Cases of illness or emergency; documentation is required o Participation in official Clayton State University functions, such as athletic events or required official military duty; documentation is required Unexcused absences o Missing class with no documentation o Being dismissed from the class by the professor Disabilities Individuals with disabilities may request accommodations by contacting the Disability Resource Center, Edgewater Hall, Suite 255; 678-466-5445; [email protected]
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