String being pulled 13 two objects of are traveling

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String being pulled.
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13) Two objects of are traveling with the same initial velocity across a smooth surface. Object A has a mass m and object B has a mass 5m . Object A has twice the surface area of object B. They are both made of the same material and have the same coefficient of kinetic friction. Which object will slide farther before coming to a stop? EXPLAIN using FBD’s, words, and mathematical representations. 14) Explain why pulleys used for major construction projects are designed with high strength, low density materials. 15) While traveling on a rollercoaster, you feel lighter while going over the top of a hill and heavier while traveling at the bottom of a hill. Use FBD’s and words to explain why this is true. 16) All of the sudden, our sun becomes a black hole. This means that its mass will stay the same, but its radius will become very very small. What will happen to our solar system? EXPLAIN. 17) How could you use an incline and a meter stick to find the coefficient of kinetic friction between the object and the incline?
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String being pulled 13 Two objects of are traveling with...

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