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Assignment 2: Current Events and U.S. Diplomacy125,000 Cubans piled into boats and came to America and then another 22,000 criminals and mental patients of Cuba’s were released by Fidel Castro and eventually came to the U.S. with no way to go back to their homeland because Castro refused ( The United States continued through the years to strengthen the embargo that Kennedy put into place. In 1992 and again in ’96, the trade ban was extended to foreign countries that traded with Cuba. The U.S. has tightened/loosened restrictions depending on the political environment at the current moment. But after a horrific hurricane in 2001, the United States agreed to sell food to Cuba again, and that agreement is still in effect. Raul Castro took over Cuba in 2006 when Fidel (his brother) underwent surgery. As of today, President Obama just recently lifted the travel ban to allow those with family still in Cuba to remit along with the allowance of telecommunication companies, which were long barred as part of the embargo. I would say the Doctrine had a pretty strong effect because we have never faced another crisis as the Cuban Missile Crisis with Cuba since and are slowly tearing down the long-standing grudge of the two powers that be. I do believe that Kennedy’s Presidential Doctrine did have an effect on Cuba’s behavior. Had he not stood up to them immediately and put goals into place, I’m not sure where the U.S. and Cuba would be today. We would have probably gone to World War III or worse, a nuclear disaster. American could have been overtaken by Soviets and Cubans and perhaps the world as we know it today would not be.6
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