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U organic u organic some nutrients are from the soil

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U.organicU.organicSome nutrients are ________ from the soil and carried outof ecosystems by underground water flow to streams.F.leachedF.leachedThe element ________ is a basic constituent of all organiccompounds and is involved in the fixation of energy byphotosynthesis.D.carbonD.carbonThe difference between the rate of carbon uptake inphotosynthesis and the rate of carbon loss due toS.ecosystemS.ecosystem
autotrophic and heterotrophic respiration is the net________ productivity.Nitrogen is generally available to plants in only two forms:ammonium and ________.T.nitrateT.nitrateBiological nitrogen fixation is accomplished by symbiotic________ living in mutualistic association with plants.O.bacteriaO.bacteriaNitrogen can be returned to the atmosphere when certainbacteria convert it from nitrate into nitrogen gas, which isa process called ________.K.denitrificationK.denitrificationMicrobial decomposition of organic matter results in NH4+production through a process called ________.P.ammonificationP.ammonification
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