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First a buyer recognizes a problem or need it will

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evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and postpurchase behavior. First, a buyer recognizes a problem or need. It will cause the person to be more conscious of what they desire at that point and assess the different options. Once the decision is made, the buyer’s reaction depends on its expectations and the perceived performance. 8. The product adoption process is made up of five stages. These stages are awareness, interest evaluation, trial and adoption. This process will evaluate whether or not a consumer wants to officially become a buyer of the specific company. 9. The diffusion process is used for new products because consumers respond at different rates depending on consumer product and characteristics. A person’s willingness to try new products varies. Some things catch on quicker for some rather than others. 10. There are several characteristics that influence the rate of adoption. These are relative advantage, compatibility, complexity. When people find these characteristics in a certain product, it will influence their decision to continue or merely begin purchasing from the company.
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